Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Ares's Galaxy Defenders session

I sat down with my friend Jeff today and tried out Galaxy Defenders by Ares Games. GD seems to be very similar to Xcom thematically, as you have a group of super-soldiers defending against an alien attack.

I think the game came out last year, and has a similar sounding name to the Defenders of the Galaxy movie that came out at that time. No doubt a marketing ploy as your soldiers are not defending the galaxy, but Earth.

We tried out the basic scenarios with 4 of our super soldiers against two starting aliens in a desert setting near Area 51. There are, at least in the basic scenario, two types of aliens,with the green coloured one slightly less powerful than the blue ones.

Jeff and I had two soldiers each, and we each played some of the aliens as well. We played the bad guys to the best and did the most logical move for them, within the parameters set by their cards. Both aliens on the board appeared to be cowardly by running away a lot, but had a punch to them. The green spiny one attacked with its tail and jaws a lot in meleƩ for instance, while the blue one did ranged energy shots from a distance.

Blue Xeno-Beta alien I was in charge of. It had 3 dice rolls of blaster attack, but ran away if near troopers.

I had a marine, and a tough guy killer type with a mohawk. Jeff had a medic and a sniper.

Their character "cards" were in this nifty hexlike manner where you can attach several equipment, also as a hex, to slot into.  My marine for instance, had a hex slot to put in a grenade.

Both troopers had bullet counters to keep track of spent shots if the die roll came up. 

There is a bit of a learning curve to the game as there are lots of symbols to keep track of when rolling the die. Symbols for defence, for jams, for hits, etc.

My tough guy jammed a lot, with the ! symbol placed on his heavy MG frequently. I think I fired it two or three times only, and had to use my blade weapon a lot when close to an alien.

My tough guy took a beating, getting lots of hits as the fight wore on.

Here has 10 wounds on his 12 health, making him almost dead. Note the jammed! symbol on my weapon.

The scenario called for us destroying four teleporter areas, with the aliens defending, within 11 turns.

There was lots of fighting going on, with line of sight issues, that plagued us as the terrain was arranged to break things up just enough. Our sniper had a hard time shooting from a distance. Jeff regretted picking a sniper instead of a ninja type soldier.

Slowly but surely though, we pushed the aliens back to their fewer remaining teleporter areas..

A neat game element was the unpredictability of more aliens showing up or even when they attack.

We got surprised mid-way through the game at the number of aliens we were facing. 

With time running out, we eventually pushed them to the edge of the map as we had one last teleporter to destroy.. 

On the eleventh turn, we destroyed the last one just in time, with only my tough guy out of action.

A very interesting game and tougher than I expected for a basic scenario. All in all, thumbs up and hope we continue on to the other scenarios that involve corridors, labs and such.

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