Saturday, October 24, 2015

3D printing is starting to mature and could be a boon for miniature players

I've bought from the 3D Printer online store Shapeways before, but you are limited to what designers put up for sale.

I stumbled across Hero Forge  ( and tested out their interactive make-a-mini process.

You get an interesting choice to build your mini on  (man, woman, fantasy, sci-fi, modern, tons of weapons and clothes, etc).

You start off with a base character.

Well, I chose a sci-fi male model and decided he should be athletic:

I left his expression as is, but gave him a beard. Again, lots of options on length and such, but just went with a goatee.

I picked the "tread lightly" pose to give him that bad-ass je-ne-sais-quoi

I clothed him in "hired gun" clothes

Armed him with a pistol and a big-f#*&U*ing gun

Put a base on him..

and chose 30 mm (not sure why no traditional 25 or 28mm option, but 30mm is okay I guess). And chose him to be carved in "Ultra Detail Plastic" which appears to be the best.

Cost before shipping is $24.99, which is what you would get at other 3D Printing shops and with GW.

With a few clicks, I can make this guy fantasy and even keep the same pose:



or even  East-Asian (but I would have had to change his face).

As I said, lots of clothes and things that he can carry that can easily be changed. I can see wargamers 5 years from now build their entire army with each trooper different than the other.

I'm sure the price will go down eventually, but this is very encouraging to the hobby. I'm sure as time will go by, we'll get more and more choice to the point of putting acne scars on the guy. :-)

Thumbs up! As my friend Jim said:

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