Saturday, September 26, 2015

Solitaire Play: Space Infantry, basic scenario Part 3/3

Please see Part 2   and note I made a change to the constant chit pulling of this game 
Turn 25

I had no problems with the padlock, and head to the demolitions area. No need to make a command role for my squad leader as my Demo Specialist has a asterisk beside his Demolitions skill. Can't use Command Points on them, at least not in the basic rules. 

I pull a 6, so he makes only 2 successes (6/3 demo skill), with 1 more needed. 

Turn 24

Trying my Demo skill again.. I pull a  5. Make it!

We head to the Demo area

There is a 1/A event here, which means if I pull a 1 only, will there be a fight. I pull a 3

Nada. As quiet as a grave.
Turn 23

I head to Laboratory 3. 

I need a 3 Science succeses. All I have is 1 scientist, but his skill is 3. Hopefully, if I pull a 6, I can get 2 successes. 

I pull a 3.. 1 success

Turn 22

Try again.. I pull a 5... another success.. That is 2 successes, Just need 1 more.

Turn 21

Yes, pull a 3. That is another success and 3 successes in total. We head to the Lab.

The Lab has a 5+/B event.. I pull a 3. No event!


The lab also has a Medkit cache potentially. Per the Rules, I pull an RN -1, to get that many resources located, which in this case are medkits. I pull a 3, so I get 2 medkits.

I use them to heal Fireteam A and my Close Combat guy, who had 1 wound each. Fireteam B is still hurt.

Turn 20.

It's not clear in the rules if I have to use another Demo skill, but I am thinking not, so I'm just going to see if there is an event per clause 4.2. I pull a 5, and no attacks. 

We head back to the Demo area 

Turn 19

I want to go to Building 1. There is an Advance test of 1. I have 4 guys with Advance skills as well as my Squad Leader. I pull a 0, 2, 5, 0 and 6, for 2 successes and we thus, head to building 1.

The potential event is 1-2/A.. I pull a 5. No event. 

Now, the last lab is adjacent, # 3, but there is a padlock symbol. I need to see if that area is closed off on a 3- event pull. I pull a 1.
AAAAARG. Now, I have to go all around.
Turn 18.

I head to the Advance #2 to the south,and pull a 6,4,4,2,6.. which gives me more than the 2 successes needed. We head there. 

The potential event is 1/A.. I pull a 4. No event.

Turn 17. 

I want to head to the Computer 3 section. 

My Scientist has a Computer of 3, I pull a 0 this turn.
Turn 16

Try, try again. I pull a 5.. that is 1 success,with 2 more to go. 

Turn 15

I pull another 5... that is 1 more success


I pull a 4.. good .. another success.

We head to the Computer Area. 

Potential event is 1-2/A.. I pull a 2. We gots us a fightsies. 

I pull a 1, and it's 2 scouts again. So far, I haven't seen any Warriors or the Queen. 

Round 1 of combat..

This is a melee fight.

I pull a 3, 3, 3, 6 and 4 for my guys


and a 5 for the Flesh Eater Scout. 


Squad Leader= 3/4 = no command point

Fire Team A  Garcia and Knight   3/4 = 0 successes
                 B  Kienmeier and Wu   3/4 = 0 successes
 Ass. Team B Duchovny and Adams  6/3 = 2 successes 
 Close Combat guy Sekibo   4/3 successes = 1 success

and the Flesh Eater has 1 hit as weell (5/4).

With my 3 successes, I kill the Flesh Eater, but it wounds 1 of my teams, I'll pick FireTeamA for a wound. 

Turn 13

I want to head to the Advance 3 area, and needless to say, I got plenty of successes. Hoorah!

We head there.

Potential 1/B event.. I pull a 2. Nope, quiet. 

Turn 12

I want to head to the Repair area. My Demo guy has a Repair of 5, so at the very least, this will cost me 2 turns. 

I pull a 6.. that is 1 success
Turns 11

Try again, I pull + and then a 5, and a 5 = 10, or 2 successes. 

We make it there. 

Potential event of 1-2/A .. I pull a 4. No event. 

Turn 10

Okay, last objective.. Lab 3.. It requires a Security 2. Only my Demo specialist has the skill at 5. I pull a 5. That is 1 success, with 2 more to go. 

Turn 9

I pull a 3..nope

Turn 8

I pull another 5.. that is another success.. That is 2. I make it. We head to Lab # 3

Potential event is 2+/B, so a pull of 2 or higher is a fight.. I pull a ....2...


The fight is a Firefight... which gives me a -2 disadvantag..

My opponents are just 1 warrior. 

Warriors are slightly tougher with a Melee of 3 and a Fight of 5. 

I'm not worried, I got 3 grenades for his 2 health to inflict. 

Round 1 of combat..

I pull a bad pull  for my guys 0, 1, 2, 6, 6

and a 5 for the Flesh Eater Warrior 
Squad Leader generates no Command points, but Assault Team B and my C/C unit inflict a wound each, killing the Flesh Eater. 

The flesh eater inflicts 1 wound, and I put it on Assault Team B. 

So, I accomplished the objectives by going to all 3 Labs to find out what happened. I assume the mission is over

Well, it's not a bad solitaire game for a genre that is sorely lacking for solitaire.. futuristic ground combat. 

I might try out the campaign game in the future. 

Thumbs up. 

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