Saturday, September 26, 2015

Solitaire Play: Space Infantry, basic scenario Part 2/3

Please see Part 1

Turn 28

There are only 2 real choices, go North to the Repair area, or to Lab. # 1. Given the mission objectives, Lab # 1 it is. I need Science, so will use my scientist I brought along with me.

The Repair shop has a grenade resource cache potentially, but I already have 3 unused grenades with me.

Going to have my Squad Leader (SL) generate some command points (CP), which he doesn't. Not that it matters anyway as I can't use his CP on the science check. The scientist does only 1 success (4/3=1) though and I need 2.
Turn 27 Will need just one more scientist try to get 2 successes and I have 1 already. I pull a 6, so that is another success and I get into the lab.
The event is a 4+/B, which means If i pull a 4, 5, 6, I got a flesh eater attack. I pull a 5! Attack I generate 3 scouts attacking my squad. 
They will do a melee attack.

I pull chits and get the following  for my squad  1, 5,4,5, 1  

and 3, 8, 0 for the Flesh eaters
Thus, I generate 0 CPs for my SL. Knight and Garcia do 1 hit...Kienmeier and Wu another hit... Duchovny and Adams hit but my close combat specialist fails to connect melee wise. Two of the flesh eaters fail to hit, but 1 of them gets 2 hits. I spread 1 wound on each of the flesh eaters and 1 hit on Fire Team A and B. However, I use 1 of my 2 remaining medkits on Fire Team A, leaving just Kienmeier and Wu hurt, as well as my Close Combat guy from before.
Flesh Eaters are wounded, 1 each. 
I notice there is a medkit cache potentially in Lab # 3, so when I get there, maybe I can grab another one since I'm down to one now. Currently, Fire Team B and my Close Combat guy are hurt with 1 wound each. 
2nd round of combat is a firefight! However, when fighting Flesh Eaters, I have to apply a -2 AP modifier on them given they are like... mushy and flesh eater types. The flesh eaters though, are poor shots, squirting their stuff at us, with a Fire skill of 5. At best 1 hit if I pull a 5 or 6 on them. I pull for my squad a 6, 4,2,5,3
and 3,1,4 for the Flesh Eaters.

Squad Leader generates 1 CP

Fire Team A   (4-2)/3 = 0 successes
               B    (2-2)/3= 0 successes
Assault team B  (5-2)/4 = 0 successes
C/C team  (4-2)/4 = 0 successes

I apply the CP to Assault Team B

((5-2)+1)/ 4 = 1 success, so that gives them 1 hit on the Flesh Eaters.

The Flesh Eaters with a Fire skill of 5 miss their squirting efforts on my troopers. 

We thus kill one of them. 

3rd round of combat is melee

I pull for my squad  6, 1, 5, 0, 4

 and 4, 6 for the Flesh Eaters.

I generate 1 CP and Fire Team B and my Close Combat guy score 1 hit each, which is enough to kill the remaining Flesh Eaters. However, the FE's score 2 hits on my guys. I will assign 1 wound on FT A and use my last remaining med kit to heal a wound on Assault Team B.
All I have left is 3 Grenades. 
 Turn 26. Will head North to the Advance box and need 3 successes

I pull for my squad 2, 3, 4, 0 and 5.

I generate no CP, and 3 successes, so I make it easily. 
The event is a 1-2/A, so if I pull a 1 or 2, I get another attack. I pull a 4, so no attack. I can try to get to the Demolition area from where I am, but there is a padlock in between. Per the scenario set up, if I draw a 1, 2 or 3, this door is impassable so I have to go around.
I draw a 6.
Not a problem, I head to the demolition node. I entered 1/ 3 of Labs to accomplish my mission. 2 more labs to go. Continued in Part 3.

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