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Solitaire Play: Space Infantry, basic scenario Part 1/3

I am trying out a solitaire game that I have, called Space Infantry, by Lock N Load Publishing. It is a squad based game of future combat controlling a team of 8-10 soldiers and specialists. 
And yes, you guessed it, there are bug-like elements in the grandest Heinlein tradition. Remember Buenos Aires!
The game has surface missions...

and underground "Hive" missions. Heinlein would have been proud.
A campaign leading my death dogs across the cosmos is in order. But, first things first. I need to learn the game, so I am trying out the first mission scenario S001 .. with "S" being a surface mission. 
"Objective: your squad must investigate the scientific labs of Xargon IV. Communication with the labs was lost over two months."

What can it possibly be? Probably nothing right? Damn civvies and their slackness, and all that. 

I will emulate the tutorial game and pick the same troopers and enemies, the "flesh eaters."

My squad consists of: 

The Squad Leader, Fire Team A, Fire Team B, Assault Team B and the Close Combat Unit for a total of 90 points. If I used the campaign rules, this is the 1st Squad, 1st Platoon, 51st Company, 2nd Battalion, 3rd Regiment.  

Fire Team A consists of Knight and Garcia
Fire Team B consists of Kienmeier and Wu
Assault Team B consists of Duchovny and Adams
The Close Combat unit consists of 1 guy, Sekibo. 
I look at the map and I can see I might need demolition, computer, repair, security skills etc, so I attach a Scientist and a Demolitions Team. I also bring along "resources": 2 Intelligence, 3 Grenades and 3 MedKits. 
I have 30 turns to investigate and find out what happened to the scientists. To complete the mission, I must explore at least 3 laboratories. 

Start on the turn 30 track and count backwards.. 
Okay, my squad lands on Xargon IV. Lovely place,  with a desolate beauty.. 

This game doesn't have dice, but a chit pulling system to generate the random numbers. I placed them in an envelope.. 
On every map, there are these boxes called "nodes" used for encounters and skill tests that must be met. In this case, I land on the planet and go to either Building # 1 or 2. First though, I need to see if I can go in one turn (track 30) to the Advance box. No time to waste. 
So, since I want to go to the Advance node, I pull chits (aka counters) and place them on each of my squad. I need 4 successes to get there this turn. I then divide the chit-pulled number called the RN and divide by each trooper's Advance skill rounded down. The squad leader chit pull is on his command skill and can be used to help squaddies make their roll.. uh sorry.. their chit-pull. 
I pull without looking and place the pulled random number on each of the cards.  So, for the Squad Leader, I pulled a 4 .. divided by his Command of 4  ( 4 divided by 4 =1 success). I place a Command counter on him to remember I can use that to help another squad member. 
 Remember, I need 4 successes:
Fire Team A =5/3 = 1.67 rounded down to 1 success Fire Team B = 6/3= 2 successes Assault Team B = 2/4 = 0.5 successes rounded down to 0 success Close Combat guy= 6/4 = 1.5 successes rounded to 1 success That is 4 successes without using the CP generated by the Squad Leader, so we boot it nicely and move my squad counter to this node.
Now, I put all the chits back in the envelope. The node has an event called 1/A. Thus if pull a 1 RN counter, there is an event. 
I pull a 4. No event. 

I move the turn track to 29.

Building #1 has 1 lab (Laboratory #3), and Building # 2 has 2 labs. I decide to go to Building 2 for those 2 labs and then swing round and go to Building # 1. The Red Padlock symbol could indicate an impassable door if I pull the wrong RN. 

Anyways, the very bottom of Building # 2 has a Security node. I'll need to crack that. My Demo specialist has the security skill but it's at a 5, which is not good mathematically as I need to pull a "5" or a "6" just to get 1 success. I can't use the Squad Leader command bonus if he happens to get a good pull as it's a skill with an Asterix. Makes sense, because no amount of NCO yelling will help in a security roll. However, I have 2 Intelligence Resources which gives me 2 automatic successes. 

I pull a 3.. 

3/5= 0 successes. I decide to burn my 2 Intelligence for 4 successes, and I crack open the door. I move my squad counter to this node in Building#2. 
The node has an event possibility of 1-2... which means if I pull a 1 or 2, there is an A event, which is an attack in this case by the Flesh Eaters. I pull a 1.. Just Great! Attack. The Flesh Eaters you see, must f.f.f.f.f.feed. 
I pull another "1" and consult the Flesh Eater card for "A" events, and I have 2 enemy flesh eater scouts attack. 
I consult the Range Table in the Flesh Eater  card to see what kind of encounter this is. Since it's the first combat round, I consult the "Set" column. I pull a 3.. so it's a Melee fight. 
I pull chits for my squad, but not my specialists as there are less than 3 enemies. So, it's my basic grunts going hand to hand on these two Flesh Eaters. 

Every success is a wound on the enemy.

Ouch... I pulled 4, 1, 2, 1, 5 for my guys and 6, 0 for the Flesh Eaters. 
I plunked them down on the cards as I pulled them. Squad Leader 4/4 on his command = 1 Command point Fire Team A 1/4 on melee = 0 Fire Team B 2/4 on melee =0 Assault Team B 1/3 on melee=0 C/C team = 5/3 = 1 success.. However, I add the command point on the C/C guy, so his chit pull is 5+1= 6.. and 6/2 = 2 successes The Flesh Eater pulls are 6 and 0. Their Melee is 4, so that is 1 success. Thus, in round 1, I inflict 2 wounds and they inflict 1 wound. I decide to give each 1 wound each and give the wound they inflict on me to the Close Combat guy as he is the only one wearing armour in this scenario. I place the wound counters and hope I pull a 4, 5 or 6 for the armour to block it. I pull a 2. Nope.
I decide to use a Medkit on him, cancelling the wound. My Resources now are 3 Grenades and 2 medkits remaining.
Since everyone is still alive, we fight on.. I pull a chit to determine if this is still a Melee fight or a Firefight, I pull a "2" and consult the M table (as we were in a melee the previous round). Still a melee this round. 
Pull the chits.. disaster.. 3, 1, 2, 2, 1 for my guys and the Flesh Eaters pull a 3 and 6. They inflict 1 wound on me, and I inflict none on them. 
I  put another wound on my Close Combat guy and hope the armour holds. I need a 4, 5, or 6.. I pull a "0." He's wounded, but since this is only turn 29, I hold off on using a medkit for now. 

Next round of combat...

I pull 6, 3, 1, 2, 3 for my guys and 0, 2 for the Flesh Eaters. 

A "6" on my Squad Leader gives me 1 CP point..

Fire Team A is a 3/4= 0 success
Fire Team B is a 1/4=0 success
Assault Team B is a 2/3 =0 success
Close Combat guy is a 3/3= 1 success

I allocate my CP unit to Fire Team A for 1 success ( 3+1)/4=1 success). 

I thus inflict 2 wounds on the Flesh Eaters

They pulled a "0" and "2" .. each divided by their melee of 4 gives them 0 successes.

I inflict 1 wound each on them. Since they already had 1 wound before, and their health is 2, they are killed. 

Phew... and this is just the 1st scenario and I have just entered building # 2. 

Continued in part 2. 

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