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Solitaire Play: The Hunters campaign June 1941 Part 3

Please see part 2 for the previous patrol.

I refitted for a month and off to my next patrol in June 1941. My assignment again is the British Isles.

I load up on torpedoes and put the G7a steam torpedoes as my opening torpedoes in my tubes, as well as 10 points of deck gun ammo.

In the Bay of Biscay, I encounter nothing.

In the transit zone to the British Isles, I encounter nothing.

In the first British Isles zone, I encounter a large Freighter, the Danmark, 10,500 tons with an escort.

It is a day attack, and I decide to go for it and not wait for a night attack (with a chance of it getting lost - 10,000 ton ship is too juicy).

I decide on a medium range shot given the escort.

I load up tubes 1 and 2 with my G7a steam torpedoes.

Tube 1 ....los... it hits.... only I roll and it turns out to be a damn DUD.  Arrrrrghhhhh

Tube 2...los.... hit!... not a dud.. but I only inflict 3 points of damage. Given that it is 10,000 tons, I needed 4 points of damage.

I can't do another attack because of the escort.

Two wasted torpedoes....

Tube 1 and 2 fired, ready for reloading.

1 shy of being sunk.

Now I have the damn escort to contend with. I decide not to exceed the test depth (which would have given me a -1 on the detection roll) and risk the fact that I fired G7a steam torpedoes in the day. The G7as left a beautiful trail of bubbles right back to your submarine. This gives me a +1 to be detected.

I roll a 7, plus the 1 for the G7a, gives me an 8. I needed an 8 or less to be undetected. Phew!

I reload my bow tubes with my remaining G7a's.

I move on to the second British Isles zone...

and I spot a Convoy!! That is 4 ships plus escort.

It's a day attack and I decide on medium range. 

 The ships turn out to be:

A small Freighter.. The 5,000 ton John Holt

A tanker                 The 9,000 ton Atheliard   (could not find a photo)

A small Freighter    The 4,900 Ashantian (could not find a photo)

 A large Freighter    The 10,000 Beaverdale

(Note, I used the alternate ship names table by accident when picking the targets.. no big deal).

I decide to fire both my forward and aft tubes and allocate 1 torpedo on the John Holt, 2 on the Atheliard and 2 on the Beaverdale. None were on the small freither Ashantian.

Tube 1...los.... Miss the John Holt. 

Tube 2 and 3 ... los... One hit, not a dud and causes 3 damage and sinks her. The other torpedo hits as well.

Tubes 4 and aft.. los..  Both hit, and both were not duds. I cause 1 and 3 damage points respectively and sink her as well.

Now for the escort. I need an 8 or less to go undetected. I decide not to go past the test depth for that -1. I'm stuck with a +1 modifier b/c of the damn bubble-trails the G7a's leave, and another +1 because I'm firing both my bow and aft torpedoes.

I roll and am detected and it with depth charges.

I get 3 hits..

My deck gun is damaged.

My hull is damaged (1 point)

and a crew member is injured. It turns out to be me, the Captain. I am seriously wounded. The Watch Officer takes over for the rest of the patrol, which means I am penalized when shooting in the future of this patrol.

Luckily, no other damage like flooding and such.

If I survive this patrol, I need an extra month of refit back on base because of the 1 hull point (3 or less hull damage is 1 month minimum extra refit).
Deck gun and 1 hull point of damage.

Captain seriously wounded.

My W.O. loads up on the G7e electric torpedoes now (brown coloured torpedoes). No damn bubble trails for detection penalties, but a slight penalty when shooting from a distance.

I also roll to fix my deck gun and I make it. It's back in action. 

In my second to last British Isle zone, I spot nothing.

I head to my final British Isle Zone..

and I spot a lone ship, with no escort. A small freighter, the 2,000 ton Daphne.

It's a night attack. I decide to do a close range attack with my deck gun and allocate 2 ammo points.

I sink her on the 2nd point of ammo.

On the transit back home, I spot nothing.

In the home stretch to the Bay of Biscay, I'm spotted by enemy aircraft, but luckily, I successfully crash dive.

I make it back on this patrol, with 21,000 tons sunk. Not bad, not bad. However, I will need 2 months of refit, all of June and August 1941.

Luckily, I roll to see how long the Captain will be out of it, and it's just 2 months, the same as the refit time.

Next patrol will be in September 1941.

I decided to start writing the names of the ships in the log this time.

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