Friday, September 11, 2015

Solitaire Play: B-17 Queen of the Skies.. Bombing Mission # 2

Please see Bombing Mission # 1

Another bombing mission coming up.

I forgot in the first bombing mission, to finish the crew roster by filling out this form..

I used Excel to do one up..

Why did the Army Air Corps need Sargeants to use their machine guns? A Sgt to man the radio? Seriously? Privates in the Infantry can use MGs, so why have an NCO manage an MG flying? Sounds like the Air Corps, like the Air Force today, is top heavy with lots of rank, not enough privates.

For mission # 2, my target is another airfield in Abbeville, also in Zone 3.

I am in the middle formation, but low position for this run.

Crew is in their position

I start off normally in England and head south over the channel.

It was over the drink that I met my first waves of enemy fighters.

2 waves.

The first wave was a Fw190 at 12:00  High .. I failed to get any cover.

My Top Turret MG missed...
My Nose MG missed. 

The German though hit me with 1 shell in my Radio Room, but luckily it was superficial.

My tail gunner missed him going by.  

FockeWulf 190

His successive attack position was a 12 Level. I rolled badly, also no fighter cover. 

My Top Turret MG missed...
My Nose MG missed. 

The German hit me again with 1 shell on my Starboard Wing.. this time causing a fire! 

Luckily, I put it out at the cost of 1 fire extinguisher.  Otherwise, I would have had to abort and or bail out into the channel. Not a fun proposition. 

My tail gunner though hits him as he goes by! He becomes FBOA -2 (Fighter breaks off at the next attack.)

His successive attack (also, no damn fighters to drive him off) was at 1:30 Level. 

My Starboard Cheek Machine gunner misses him, but so does the Fw190.

Okay, wave 2 over Zone 2 was 2 Me109s (one at 1:30 Level and 3:00 Level).  Again, no damn fighter cover to drive them off.

My Starboard Cheek Machine gunner misses the one coming in at 1:30, but my Top Machine gun shoots down the 3:00 one! (Four more shot down, and my Top MG gunner becomes an ace). 

The 1:30 one misses me as well. 


Well, that was exciting, now on to Zone 3 in Northern France. 

Here is where it gets hairy.. I encounter 4 waves!

First wave was a Fw190, but it was driven off by fighter cover. 

The second wave was 4 Me109s, ...yes...4!.....but 3 were driven off, leaving one S.O.B. coming at me from 9:00 High.

My Top Turret and Port Waist gunners fired and missed, as did the Me109. 

The third wave were two Fw190s, one at 12:00 Level and one at 1:30 Low but they were both driven off by fighter cover. 

The fourth wave 5 Fw190s,  but 2 were driven off leaving 3 of them: one at 3:00 High, one at 6:00 High and one at 9:00 High. 

My Top Turret and Starboard Waist MG both misse the 3:00 High one, and he hits me with 3 shells! One in the nose, one in the wing and one superficial. Luckily, the first two were superficial as well. 

The 3:00 guy is driven off by fighter cover in his successive attack. 

The 6:00 High dives on me.. 

My Top Turret Machine Gunner misses him..

My Radio Machine Gunner misses him..

My Tail Gunner hits him.. causing him to break off after this attack. The German misses us as he passes by. 

The last fighter of this wave, the 9:00 High o'clocker, dives on me..

My Top Turret Machine Gunner misses him..

My Port Waist Machine Gunner misses him..

The German misses us as well. 

Now over the target, I experience Medium Flak..  

2 bursts miss me but one hits!

I get a hit in my tail gunner and his suit heating goes out. I can fly one more zone at this height, but then must either drop down by 10,000 feet, or the tail gunner may get frostbite. 

Over the target, I am on target.. Bombs Away..

20% of my bombs hit the airfield target. 

Well mission done, time to turn this crate around and go home. Still over Zone 3, I encounter 2 waves of enemy fighters. 

The first wave is driven off by other B-17s in the formation. 

The 2nd wave is one Me109 at 6:00 High. 

My Top Turret Machine Gunner misses him..

My Radio Machine Gunner misses him..

My Tail Gunner misses him..

The German misses us as well .

I head back over the channel is Zone 2.

I decide not to drop down to 10,000 feet at this zone, but will do so over London. My tail gunner will not get frostbite.

Over zone 2, I am clear with no waves.

Over London, the weather is good and I land safely.

Well that is 2 missions done. 23 to go and I go back Stateside. In the meantime, I think I'll go over to the PX before hitching a ride to London before the next mission, catch a show, you know..


  1. Sounds like a good man, he should get a promotion ;-)

    1. Craig Barrel is an inspiration to us all. :-)

  2. Love the crew names... they seem so familiar (and of course heroic)

  3. The names of the innocent have been protected and all that. :-)