Monday, September 14, 2015

Solitaire Play: PnP Card Game Target! Bearing 093 Degrees

I bought and downloaded this Print and Play Card game the other day and printed out the components. I got it for something like $1.99. Very cheap, so no big deal if it didn't work out.

It's a card game though, and I'm not a big fan of card games. I grew up and played during the golden age of RPGs, in the 1980s, so I missed out on the whole Magic The Gathering craze these last 20 years.

Still, for $1.99, whatever.

It's a submarine game with no ties to any navy or historical event. Very generic. You draw four cards one at a time. Each card has 4 pieces of information. The first card shows the merchant target at the top, the 2nd the escort size, the 3rd if you hit or miss and the fourth card, what it cost you to evade the escort (fuel and or damage).

There are fuel costs to draw the first two cards, and torpedo or gun point costs to shoot as well. You start off with 70 fuel, 15 torpedoes, 5 gun ammo points and 0 damage.

I set up the game, printed out in black and white.

First card was a 14,000 ton merchant..

Escorted by a large escort..

I decided not to use my gun, nor fire a spread of 3 torpedoes, but a single shot..  Card # 3 shows I missed. 

Luckily, the Escort didn't damage me, but it cost me 2 fuel to escape. 

That's basically the game as you go through the deck. I shortly stopped when I got to 2 damage points and "returned to base." Something like an unrealistic 50,000 tons sunk.

Some aspects don't make a lot of sense.. burning fuel for instance. Even back in WW2, the uboats had a range of 6,500 Km.. so it costs 1/70th your fuel to get close to a target?  Also, why is every ship escorted? This assumes that all my targets are in a convoy. If so, would you really surface and use your deck gun on a convoy after you spotted an escort? I guess early in WW2, that might be possible, but not later. I am not sure either, but I don't think modern subs have deck guns anyway.

Anyways, for $1.99, this game is okay to pass an hour or so. You win by beating your previous score.

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  1. Deck guns went away after WWII, no modern sub has them.