Monday, September 7, 2015

Painting: Bust of a Late Medieval Knight, 1429 Part 1

I recently painted a gladiator that I am pleased with...

and now it's time for another bout of creativity. This time will be a bit more complex and 15 centuries later, with Young Miniature's "La Hire. Battle of Patay, 1429." The Battle of Patay it seems was a bit of unpleasantness from the 100 Years War between England and France.  1429 is late though for the Middle Ages, just on the cusp of another round of unpleasantness, the Wars of the Roses.

I liked this sculpt and seems to have a bit of dynamism in the Knight's facial expression. My compliments to whomever painted this for the box cover. I hope I can do half as good, but we shall see.

I opened the box, and for some reason, there was a playing card inside. I assume it's some sort of quality control thing, but who knows, could be a joke.

 I hate actually assembling things, but I have gotten better over the years.

 First thing I wanted to do was pin the bottom..
 but not on the pedestal it came with as it looked too flimsy.

Besides, I have plinths, so my plinth will do. I drilled a hole in the bottom of the main body and the plinth and inserted a metal rod.

 Cut off the extra stuff on the head and put on the helmet.

 Placed the arm underneath with the help of some glue and milliput..

 Cut off these spikes and placed them on the armour..

 Looking good..

I ordinarily prime my minis in white, but since it is almost all armour here, I used black.

Will be continued in Part 2

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