Monday, September 28, 2015

Annoying errata and update for DVG's Tiger Leader

Tonight, I finally got around to cracking open Tiger Leader, a solitaire campaign game where you take the role of a German tank battalion C.O. and such.

I have Uboat Leader, from the same company, DVG, which I greatly enjoyed and played, and will do so soon again.

I went to BGG on a whim, and lo and behold, I find this game has a major update, and change of some rules and replacement counters for the allied troops and replacement cards for the German troops.

This is not the usual errata but a significant update with lots of counters and cards to replace.... what the hell?.. this game came out this year. 

Are you f&%$#ing kidding me?

They promise reprinting the update in Q4 or Q1 2016, but you have to pay the shipping to get it. Otherwise, you have to play the sap now and have these printed out on card stock (which also costs money), and then spend an hour or two like a moron with scissors cutting all this stuff out.

Very, very, annoying, from a company that otherwise has fine solitaire games. Smacks of the bullshit computer game companies used to do by rushing games out for Xmas, then give lame ass patch files in January and February.

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