Sunday, August 23, 2015

Solitaire Play: The Hunters campaign April 1941 Part 2

Please see part 1.

I decided to continue the campaign tonight as I had a bit of downtime.

After a month of refit, I'm going out on patrol in April 1941. I rolled West African Coast, but per the chart, for a VII, it was changed to Atlantic.

Goody, as Atlantic has convoys.

No encounters in the Bay of Biscay, or the transit locale, but when I reached the first Atlantic locale, I got.. a convoy!! Finally. I rolled a night attack and the following 4 ships were rolled:

Target 1: Port Hardy 8,900 tons  (large freigher)

Target 2: Marcrest 4,200 tons  (small freigher)

Target 3: Nicolas Pateras  4,400 tons (small freighter)

Target 4: Bretagne, 10,000 (large freighter).

I decided to do a night surface attack and allocated 5 torpedoes, 4 from the bow and 1 from the aft, which means I am penalized slightly for the escort detection.

-1 Night Surface Attack  +1 Medium Range = 0 modifier to my attack. Needed a 7 or less on 2d6

Tube 1... los!     Miss!

Tube 2....los!    Miss!

Tube 3...los!... Hit.. not a dud... only 1 damage.. Not enough to sink her

Tube 4.. los!    Hit.. not a dud.. only 1 damage also.. Not enough to sink her.

Aft Tube.. los!... Hit.. a DUD!!!! argghh..

Since I was doing a night surface attack, I'm allowed to do a 2nd salvo with my Aft torpedo again.

 I missed again on the 2nd salvo. 

None of the ships were sunk, and now had to roll for Escort detection.. Thankfully, I was not detected. However, I just burned 6 torpedoes out of 14 in my inventory for nothing.

Next Atlantic locale saw no contacts.

In the next Atlantic locale, I got another convoy. Also a night attack. I decided to do close, but submerged attack, to get the favourable rolls (need an 8 or less).

The targets were:

Target 1 Starcross 4,700 tons (small freighter)

Target 2 Culebra 3,000 tons (small freighter)

Target 3 Moldanger 6,800 tons (large freighter)

Target 4 Louisiane 7,000 tons (large freighter)

Tube 1... los!     Hit! Not a dud.. 2 points of damage.. SUNK!

Tube 2....los!    Hit! Not a dud.. 1 point of damage only. Not sunk.

Tube 3...los!... Miss!

Tube 4.. los!   Hit! Not a dud.. 1 point of damage only. Not sunk.

You got to be kidding me. Only 1 ship sunk...

Thankfully, I was not detected by the escort.

I am down to 4 torpedoes left, with 3 more locales to finish this patrol.

Luckily, or unluckily, I had no encounters in them and finished my patrol with just 1 ship sunk, the Starcross, just 4,700 tons.

Well, that was disappointing. C'est la guerre.

No damage, so only 1 month of refit. Next patrol will be in June 1941.

Continued in part 3.

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