Monday, August 3, 2015

Designing a free Pnp Game inspired by Highlander pt 4

See parts  2 and 3

I sat down with Jim, Pix and CB to playtest my latest version of my Immortals game. This time, I revamped the fighting system and took Jim' suggestion to have each player build a deck.

I had 20 painted minis ready, and I gave them assorted names.

My printed out board was ready and set up for today's playtest. 

In game 1 of the playtest tonight, we had players discard their combat cards into a single discard pile to draw from, but it was not working out correctly. Also, we had players only draw an event card when they moved to Consecrated Land. That also did not work out well.

In game 2, we had players have their own discard pile, and drew up their hand into a pre-fighting inventory hand, of which they can then draw their fighting hand. That worked out okay but conservative players like CB just hung around building up a huge inventory. Something to fix in the next playtest to discourage that. The tactic of building up and avoiding fights though, backfired as those characters were too weak in terms of Hastening points, to face characters that took chances.

The Event card mechanism worked a lot better as every player got 2 Event cards every turn no matter what. Everyone used the Event cards more aggressively consequently. 

Pix surprised us all by using this card to betray one of her own characters and used it to build a powerful character. I was hesitant to create this card, but now I see it can be fun to use.

The Grand Assembly where the few Immortals were left met in Mexico City on turn 16. I thought it was going to be a cake walk for the player in red, but he had 3 low level characters vs the powerful purple Immortal..

 Fittingly, the first fight in the Assembly was in an underground parking garage.

 The last fights were drawn out affairs and a bit see saw... Four became 3 out of the initial 20 Immortals..

and then there were two. Only Jiao and Gurinder remained..

Pix's Jiao won game 2.. 

Gotta go back and tweak the rules system some more after learning about the effects of the current game mechanics from today's play..

I look forward to the next playtest...

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  1. Cool to see how this has evolved since play test 1. Thanks for all the hours put into conceptualizing, designing, building and tweaking Byteknight! Truly a departure from our usual gaming sessions.