Saturday, August 29, 2015

Civilization: the boardgame

About 2 years ago, Jeff, Jim and myself sat down and played Sid Meier's Civilization. We enjoyed the game and finally got around to another game after 2 years.

I highly enjoyed the Civ computer games since the 90s, and indeed, Jim, Jeff and myself enjoy 4X games (Exploration, Extermination, Exploitation, and Expansion) in general, so I was raring to play again. . 

The first hour or two, we struggled with the rules, as we forgot how to play, but eventually, we got into the groove of things, though one of us had a bit of analysis-paralysis.

I played the Romans led by Julius Caesar (yellow), Jim the Germans led by Bismarck (in Green) and Jeff the Egyptians led by Cleopatra (in Blue).

Playing the gallant Romans.. sum civis Romanus!

Starting off slowly and expanding, sending settlers across terra incognito.. 

The busy market board was a hive of activity like usual buying troops and getting buildings for your city..

With the terrain all explored, came the obligatory threatening moves from the other players as they started to send their armies across.. 

The simple combat system is fast and furious.. in the example below, enemy mounted and artillery troops face off against one's mounted troop.

 Another example, this time facing off the barbarian hordes..

Jeff it seems was going for a cultural victory, not because he was a beacon of peace and love, but he heard that the core game makes it very hard to win a cultural victory. So he started investing in Wonders of the World. I got one wonder myself, Stonehenge..

Once I got it though, I had Spinal Tap's song in my head and I whipped out my phone and played their song through Youtube.

Deep in thought, I tried to entice Jeff by playing "Walk like an Egyptian" also on my phone given he was playing the Egyptians.

This game take a lot of room. My 6 foot table barely met the space requirements.

At one point, Jim came down to threaten one of my cities...

but it was a feint, as he went back North to threaten Jeff. Both of them started to move more and more troops near each other, jockeying for position.. 

I was watching them getting ready for WW3..

While Jim was distracted, I moved North and threatened one of his cities, blockading 4 of his industrial capacity... 

 As soon as I did that, he scrambled Westward and disengaged from Jeff, heading right for my lone yellow army group..

A move I didn't think much of (as I never intended to seriously besiege his city), turned into an armed border now with Jim and I.. 

We were feverishly researching tech all along, and since Jim was now coming after me, I invested heavily in military tech, like railroad (which gives me experienced lvl 3 infantry).

With Jeff now given some breathing room, he got Atomic Theory and nuked one of Jim's cities. The turn after that, he won a tech victory by getting to space first. This was exactly what happened 2 years ago. He nuked Jim and then won a tech victory. I guess he thought Jim was the more dangerous opponent.

An enjoyable session, we will play again now that we are familiar with the rules. Only we'll play with one of the expanasions to the game.

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