Saturday, August 1, 2015

All Batteries, Fire!! .. Exchanging Broadsides in the most excellent "Armada."

I've always loved the Star Destroyers in Star Wars ever since I saw them on screen in 1977. I'm not talking about the small bulk cruisers, but about those big Correlian ships!

Today, I got the chance to wargame with them in Fantasy Flight Games' "Armada."

The game gives you the feel of, which I loved, of exchanging broadsides as we passed each other at point blank range, like it was the Spanish Main of the 17th Century. It was similar to the scene from Revenge of the Sith

When I read the rules this morning before my friend Jim was to come over, I was a little perplexed by some of the mechanics, but once we got the hang of it, this game became a gem.

The first game was kinda okay, as we stuggled with the rules. There is some planning in this game, which is a great game mechanic.  These ships are not WW1 fighters or Star Trek ships, that can do pirouettes and elaborate twists and turns... No, they were big lumbering slow monsters, which I loved... Finally, a capital ship game where it felt like you were maneuvering capital ships.. Metal dinosaurs plodding along and where you have to turn away from the enemy those shields of yours blown open.. The minis looked great as they went about the star map.. The Victory class minis were big and looked great coming at you!

Watch your speed, and watch your firing arcs, we quickly learned. And watch where you're going.. Colliding with another ship causes unecessary damage that you cannot afford.

Sound the collision alarm!

Sound the collision alarm!

In game two, Armada really started to shine as we both tried to outflank each other, and used our fighters effectively. The fighters were not to be discounted. They start off as gnats buzzing your water buffalo Capital ship, but if you did not deal with them, especially the bombers like the B-Wing, they dug their claws into you. In game 1, we didn't really use our fighters effectively, but in game 2, we kept them close to our Capital ships, which allows you to move and attack with your fighters if you plan correctly. If you have your fighters off alone, they are less effective, as they can only move or shoot.

5 points of damage rolled... That's gotta hurt.

Gnats buzzing a giant....

After trying out this game and Star Trek Attack Wing, I have to say that this game edges out AW a bit in terms of fun play.

Thumbs up for a good day of miniature battles.


  1. On Sunday Sept 3rd, Jim and I played Star Wars: Armada. First time playing this game. Again, mechanics are fairly easy to learn but it has some tactical depth that needs some experience to appreciate. The first game we played,I was the on the side of good and right .... of course I played the Empire ;-) The game started off pretty good, Jim and I exchanged a few fighter squadrons and I killed his small capital ship. He then pummelled my Star Destroyer and killed most of the rest of my TIE fighters. Alas, due to poor maneuver planning I lumbered off the map and that ended the game in Jim's favour.
    Game 2 we exchanged sides, so now playing the under gunned Rebels I decided to do a hail mary, full on frontal attack straight down his forward arc. Jim used his TIE fighters very well TIEing up my X-wings but I concentrated the fire from my capital ships on his Star Destroyer, knocking down his forward shield. Then the ramming started :-) Jim killed 1 of my big ships but the multiple rams and close range blaster fire won out and I killed his Star Destroyer. My last capital ship was a wreck by this point, but I did pull off a win.

    Good game, I'd like to play this one again.

  2. A pity that it takes some real study of the game and the expansion components before one can properly build one's own fleet!

  3. We got a year to study this. There is even a Corellian Campaign expansion we can try.