Sunday, July 26, 2015

Someone updated the old FASA Star Trek RPG rules very well

I used to RPG heavily during the Golden Age of RPGing, the 80s. There were lots of good games with GURPS the best rules. However, my most fun time was immersing myself in the old  pre TNG Star Trek Universe by FASA. I loved and still love the  FASA game. Then TNG came along, FASA lost it's license, yada yada.. Whatever. The system died out.. It was a bitter situation in the late 80s for FASA players.. Water under the bridge now... 

However, someone named Angry Rabbit on Facebook posted his updated rules called Captain's Log and I like them. They're pretty good.

Captain's Log: Supplemental  

Speaking of FASA, someone is doing a Kickstarter right now to produce the Romulan War series of novels and a supplemental manual to the original Four Years War campaign, here

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  1. Enjoyed the time line in the rules - a walk down memory lane. The comments about the Voyager series and the reboot were particularly amusing!