Monday, July 16, 2018

Unboxing: Highlander The Duel card game Kickstarter

Unless it's a tableau mechanic or Hold'Em Poker, I am not a general fan of card games. However, I am a huge fan of the original Highlander movie as well as the six season TV series, so I couldn't resist kickstarting Highlander: The Duel card game.

It came in today..

Like a lot of card games, it comes in a small box...

Rules seem bare bones, on just four pages on a small pamphlet.

Cards seem to be high quality with nice art, though it appears a lot of artwork is repeated..

Some cardboard tokens which I presume are related to health or wounds..

The minis are okay, though I'm a bit disappointed they are more like 54mm rather than 28mm, but I should have expected that in a card game..

Anyways, I will have to try it out one day..

Sunday, July 15, 2018

Joke conversion: Star Wars fantasy / medieval Stormtrooper squad

I recently bought Star Wars Legion as my curiosity got the best of me, even though I still have a number of Imperial Stormtroopers from Imperial Assault primed and ready. I was thinking on this relaxing Sunday, why not make a joke conversion of a squad, say, 5 of them, to a fantasy or medieval theme just for the lolz. I was in a mischievous mood today anyway..

I first cut off their arms..

then cut them off their bases, cutting myself in the process...  A hobby hazard alas..

 I then put on their weapons from bits I had laying around..


Then used my Happy Seppuku stamps to make hard wood flooring to go with the fantasy theme..

Slowly but surely these fantasy Stormtroopers were starting to come around, even with a bit of blood on some of them..

Painting them was a pleasure..

Mind you, I don't have any idea how I can use them.. perhaps they would make fine gladiator thralls on my Gamesters of Triskelion arena I built awhile back, honouring the Triskelion masters.

though they look equally at home on my recent shipwreck I painted..

Anyways, a fun little project. I love mixing up genres as my friends can attest to.

Saturday, July 14, 2018

Painting up some Sarissa Gangs of Rome terrain

Not missing an opportunity to add some various terrain, I ordered the starter for War Banner's Gangs of Rome (GoR) Blood on the Aventine and various pieces.

I am a big fan of Roman history, as my bust of Julius Caesar can attest to..

and I'm going to Italy on vacation in December to see the historic sites, so my ancient Roman history buff credentials are good. Therefore, I'll likely try out GoR, but there are no magic or fantastical elements in the game I believe, so it has limited appeal. I'm sure one of my gaming buddies will humour me and try a session of the rules, but neither of them are big history buffs like I am. I don't think they would appreciate a lecture from me about the politics of the late Republic and all that in any case.  Pompeians? Optimates? Populares?, who?, etc

What I do find intriguing for some reason, is crowd movement..

but that is a topic for another day, whenever I try out the rules for GoR.

Sarissa Precision seems to supply all the official terrain for the game, and they make great mdf stuff. I got one of their bundles that had a temple, a slave auction stand and slave holding pens.. I could use all three for any fantasy urban setting to be honest.

The starter set Blood on the Aventine (the Aventine is one of the seven hills of Rome) has a Sarissa temple under construction, with wooden scaffolding for miniatures to climb up on, so that would look good in any fantasy war setting once constructed.


As usual with all mdf terrain, though cheap and useful, requires lots of assembly. The temple is no different but a pain with all the columns and such..

The only thing I would find fault is in the instructions. Sarissa gives you letters, A, B, C and such when assembling a sub-section, but it's not obvious sometimes which mdf board to use on the big pieces like the temples.

How hard can it be to put in the board's identifier T043-4-6 on the instructions for instance?

Anyways, the temple came along slowly but surely..

After priming it light grey and white, I then tried my hand at the marble effect, and I think it came out fine..

Temple under Construction

I painted up the stone works first before putting on the scaffolding..

I decided not to paint over the scaffolding as it was already in wood and looks good enough. However, I was missing or lost a piece, so I just improvised and rearranged some of the scaffolding. I did not use the crane or position it exactly the way the instructions said, but it came out fine anyway in the end. Lots of opportunities for miniatures to climb up and shoot ranged weapons in any game rules being used.

Slave Pens

The two stockades were pretty easy and I debated whether I should leave it as in wood or paint it metal. I decided at the end to make it look like wrought iron and with dirty floors..

The Slave Platforms

I left it as is in wood, and it looks good.

All in all, a fine haul of terrain..

Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Made a new Gaslands warband with an animal skin theme

Back  in  December 2017, I made my first Gaslands warband (as discussed here), giving it a Mad Max look..This post is one of my most popular posts, with 2,000 hits alone.

I was quite pleased with the cars, but a recent game made me question if I should look at other factions. I then ran across these animal skin pattern cars at the Dollar store.. 4 of them for like $2.50.. I never heard of MonToy race cars, but they seemed good enough and the right size..

At that price, you can't go wrong.. So I bought a pack, and supplemented it with some Hot Wheels and decided to do a quirky animal skin paint job team just to get a reaction out of my friends, who are decidedly less weird than I am.

I kept away from the post-apoc dirty look of my other Gaslands team and did a nice clean animal skin collective look..

The ladybug gyrocopter

I also had some helicopters and decided to mount them, in case I choose the Rutherford faction. I decided to leave one unpainted in the original military look, but to paint the other one in my newly chosen theme and act as a gyrocopter.

I'll give the military helicopter to my friends if any of them want it for their team..

I greenstuffed some canopy to cover up the cockpit as well.

Since this was just a gyrocopter, I painted a ladybug pattern to keep with the dainty image of gyrocopters.

99.99% of the next 3 cars were already painted/printed on, so I just mounted some weapons.

Tiger stripe car

Lion skin car

Snake skin car

The Cheetah skin truck..

This truck I painted up to look like a cheetah, or something similar.. A quick paint

The Dalmation truck..

I painted this one pretty fast as well..  Put on a large minigun on top and a buzz saw on the left side..

The Fish Rocket car

I decided to not paint stripes or dots or some other pattern on this, as the fish chassis was weird enough as it is and it would have been too much..

All in all, it did not take long and good enough for the tabletop.. You can get away with a minimal effort at this small 10-20mm level.. May they slaughter the enemy and get the much coveted ratings on Mars.