Saturday, August 11, 2018

Quick adds to my animal-themed Gaslands team

I recently created an animal-themed team for Gaslands (as discussed here)

but last weekend, in this large assembly of  a 25 cents Hot Wheels bin at a junk store, I spotted 3 animal shaped cars and bought them. At 25 cents each, you can't go wrong.

The truck looks like a rhinosaurus, the eagle or falcon car is nicely shaped, and the puma is not bad once you hide the driver's seat.

The bird one in particular I liked.

I first cut out the engine in front of the driver's seat in the puma car..

and mounted a sci-fi gun on it from bits my friend Jeff gave me recently.

For the falcon or eagle car, I drilled a hole and mounted a similarly looking sci-fi gun from the same bits box I got.

For the rhino truck, I just mounted a gun on top, which was straightforward.

Working at this scale is a lot easier than 25-28mm which I am used to..

I had a banter with my friend in a tongue-in-cheek text message about it.

Anyways, I quickly painted up the cars and are added to my animal themed Gaslands team. Most of the paintwork was done on the eagle car to hide the cheesy bright yellow.

Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Quick paintjob of Space Marine statues

My friend Jeff the other day gave me two 40K Space Marine statues and asked me to paint them up. He just wanted one back, so he gave me the other one.

I don't know where he got them from, but I think from ebay, years ago. They don't look Games Workshop, but likely castings from some mom and pop production.

He didn't specify the paint job, so it was left up to me. I thought, since these are just statues of some common soldier, a space marine, noble imperial marble would be out of the question.

So, what was left? Stone? Granite? If granite, what colour?

I finally decided just to go with the colour stone as I don't think Jeff would appreciate pink or brown granite and such, imported from planet X.. I notice when we play, terrain just gets "zoned out" in our minds as we focus on the minis. No need to thus kill myself on extra beautiful terrain.. just make it functional and believable.

I glued them on to the base, and added some milliput for good measure last night to the bottoms of their boots.

Tonight, I primed them black and -for the bullet holes- a light grey colour to mark chipped stone.

I painted them grey and with white highlights, but I found that was too boring looking.. So I took a sprue piece and lighted it on fire.. then I smoked some soot over the statues to add some theme to the bullet holes.

And voila.. I was done in less than an hour..

Sunday, August 5, 2018

Mounting a Back to the Future DeLorean for Gaslands

My friend Jeff bought a Back to the Future DeLorean hot wheels from some junk store for $4 and asked me to mount it for use as a gyrocopter, but also as a performance car. He thus wanted me to use magnets and also said to not repaint it, as it was fine the way it was.

I said sure it will be a quick job and not too difficult.

I cut out some transparent tubing first.. 

I drilled holes at the bottom of the DeLorean and the top of the transparent rod..

and then used green stuff to harden the individual magnets, after placing them in the new cavities.  I also used greenstuff and milliput to lock in the tires, and set the base.

After it hardened, just painted a bit and was done.

Campaign rules for Kobolds & Cobblestones don't really work with a small number of players

I played a one-off battle of Kobolds & Cobblestones back in May with my friend Jeff (as discussed here)..

To recap, the diceless mechanics center around the use of playing cards - poker for combat, and blackjack for magic, and physically for movement.

We enjoyed the playing card mechanics with some bluffing in poker (getting the other guy to waste good hands, for instance) and promised to try it again in the future. Today was our second attempt, this time starting a campaign. We decided on just 10 battles, to see who would have the most gold, most notoriety and most ruthlessness. The winner would be those who was first in two out of these three categories.

Like last time, I mostly have ruins terrain and not a pristine fantasy city, but it will have to do. I imagine most players, after years of Mordheim and Frostgrave, will similarly have mostly ruins.

I set up the terrain this morning...

My warband was headed by a Dwarf loanshark, and I had an Elf bowman, a human ruffian, a dwarf miner and a tribal Kobold (represented by an Orc), for a total of 10 gold.

It was a bummer that we couldn't start with a wizard, but as this was a brand new warband, per the rules, we didn't have enough starting gold nor notoriety to get one. It was too bad, as we found last time the wizard blackjack element interesting.

This time, it was all low level poker fighting with cheap scum and rapscallions, with at the most, unless aided by gold, allies beside you or some ability, the most damage I could do would be with a 3-of-a-kind or pair, not even a full poker hand of 5.  Thus, if one had a 3-of-a-kind, and the other player could muster just a high card, then it would be two points of damage, tops.

We started off on each of our ends and sallied forth..

What I continue to find amusing is the use of the length or width of the poker card to use as a measuring stick to move your mini.

We house ruled that any obstacles under 1 inch would not be an impediment and be "jumped over" and not impact movement. Large tracks of rough terrain like rubble would cost half the available W (width) or L (length of the card).

We played the first scenario, the All Out Brawl, which lasted for just six turns.

The fight was pretty straightforward.. I climbed my archer up on some high ground, but my friend Jeff would not expose himself, so I moved him in some rubble to get a better shot.

For the most part, my archer (and Jeff's) were innefectual, but they did "blind" the enemy a bit, causing a nuisance factor, when their critical card came up.

We eventually got into some hand to hand combat..

I won't go into too much detail, but Jeff pulled some nice hands while I was struggling to even get pairs.. Before I knew it, four of my guys were killed and I had to get my dwarf leader to retreat and run and hide until the six turns were over..

I  quickly ran back from where I came and the scenario was mercifully over.

I expected like Frostgrave, I would get something out of the fight, campaign wise.. but Jeff and I learned that he would get Notoriety points, and depending if he spared my fallen guys or not, gold or Ruthlessness points.

I on the other hand, would get NOTHING per the rules.

Even worse, I lost all my guys except my leader. If Jeff decided to be mean, he would kill my guys and I would have no one in my next fight to accompany the leader. Or if he did spare my guys, I would get them back, but he would have more gold next time, and coupled with his increased notoriety, would get possibly even better troops. So next fight, I would field 4 guys vs something like 9 of his.

As the underdog, sure, I would get something like an audacity bonus per the rules, but that only helps at the end of the campaign when scoring. What the hell was I going to do to survive the next fight with just my leader, or at best 4 guys vs his swelling in the ranks?

The campaign basically was over after only 1 fight. I refuse to go into battle next time with just 1 guy and hope to evade Jeff in order to get a stalemate.

This is ridiculous.

I think the way the campaign rules were written, it was anticipated that there will be a large number of players who would "lend" me their troops next time to cut down Jeff's lead in notoriety, rather like in a league or dedicated players meeting regularly in a gaming store, as well take the opportunity to   place bets.  Even there though, it would depend on gentlemen players doing this, which I find hard to believe would happen a lot in North America. There are always power gamers and munchkins..

If there are just two or three players though, like in this case, there will hardly be much lending of troops, even if they were inclined. It's just me and Jeff.. He's hardly going to lend guys to me so I can fight him next time..

So what can I do next time? I can't possibly win in the near future given the disaster on the battlefield in this first game 1.

No, the campaign is over..  there are not enough other players to help me out.

I don't understand why the author couldn't emulate similar rules like say Mordheim or Frostgrave about "killed" characters making saving throws between game sessions and returning to the warband in various conditions (wounded etc). Except for the leader, dead is dead in this game.  If you don't have enough gold to buy more cannon-fodder, too bad.

I suppose house rules can be done to fix this for small number of players, but it's a bit frustrating that it wasn't thought of or worse, assume most players will be in a large gaming club and acting all gentlemen-like.

We finished the evening playing another session of this post-apoc board game called Fallen Land.